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In 2015, Key Tech Labs began as a humble start-up in a backyard shed (glorified tiny-house), in the heart of Des Moines by twins Adam and Andrew Powers.  The twins, along with their eldest brother, Russell Powers, homeschooled with their mother until sixth grade, where they entered public school at Pacific Middle.  The boys interest in science, technology, and math was fostered by two loving, supportive parents, and an uncle who was regarded as a Renaissance Man.  Uncle Nathan introduced the boys to computer science and outdoorsmanship, and he helped plant the seeds of the entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging the brothers to generate wealth within the family.
As young, black men, the Powers brothers have faced the everyday challenges of living in the 21st century as minorities in a community that is widely marginalized and gentrified.  As issues of systemic racism persist, and gaps in equality and income continue to grow in our society, the Powers brothers seek to find solutions.  


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