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Reading: Code Story

4-week course in programming, where students collaborate with their peers to draft an original script which is then featured on a website the students create. Students develop skill in group participation, creative writing and the fundamentals of computer programming. The outcome is a functioning website featuring student’s original work and skills in programming languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python.

What is the real Impact of this class?

Result : The farmbot parts are bought from local business(Jim’s hardware Store, Sue’s Garden store, Bob’s Electrics etc) it is built by High school students(Mt Rainier) who are mentored by Stem teachers(Key tech labs), for Middle School (Pacific Middle School) so that the result(food) can be used within the community (Kent/Des moines food banks). (Add infographic latter)

Class Syllabus

As with all of our classes, we run the class as 12 days classes. Below you can see our syllabus for this particular class.

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