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Science: Raspberry Pi computing

In this class Students learn how to build and program their own laptop using the Raspberry Pi micro controller. Students participate in a crash course of programming and learn the fundamentals of coding. At the end of the program, students will build two finished laptops with programs they have personally coded on the computer’s hard drive. One of the laptops will be theirs to take home and the other will be donated to charity to benefit access to technology.

What is the real Impact of this class?

OSL: Raspberry Pi PBL: Laptops and internet Server ABL: Schools in need of computer center EBL: Resources purchased at low cost from local retailers (thrift shops, computer recycling stores, etc).

Class Syllabus

As with all of our classes, we run the class as 12 days classes. Below you can see our syllabus for this particular class.

Want to see more this that you can do with raspberry pi? watch this cool video

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