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Technology: 3D printer

4-week course in technology, Students will learn techniques in sustainable design and building and produce an original, fully-automated 3D model of a tiny house.  Using the program called TinkerCAD, the students will design, build and print their own fully automated Tiny House. In planning and creating a model of their own tiny house, students simultaneously learn sustainable building practices, techniques, and methodologies behind ecologically sustainable living structures.

What is the real Impact of this class?

OSL: TinkerCad PBL: 3d printed automated Tiny house ABL: Finished designs will be showcased on TinkerCAD (Open Source) for anyone to use. PBL: The 3D printer (and filliment) will be sourced from a local company

Class Syllabus

As with all of our classes, we run the class as 12 days classes. Below you can see our syllabus for this particular class.

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