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Engineering: The Farmbot

4-week course in engineering, Students will learn sustainable technologies while simultaneously learning skills in urban agriculture and healthy food habits.  In a  4-week course in ecologically sustainable technology, students learn how to build, program and install a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) agricultural machine in a designated community garden plot. Students will gain skills in tacit knowledge by learning how to use tools to build, operate, monitor and maintain the equipment, the garden as well as all the produce the garden generates which in turn will be donated to local food banks.

What is the real Impact of this class?

OSL: FarmBot PBL: Students will build and maintain a gardening robot. Students will conduct A/B experiments in the garden to learn the science behind gardening and sustainable gardening practices. ABL: Communities benefit from the fresh produce the garden generates.

Class Syllabus

As with all of our classes, we run the class as 12 days classes. Below you can see our syllabus for this particular class.

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